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About Agam Wellness

Dr.S.ArunKumar, MD., DPM., DNB

AGAM touches People Lives through following Wellness Services

  • Men Well-Being
  • Women Well-Being
  • Parenting Guidance & Wellness
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Anxiety & Depression


Our work being Simple & Straight


AGAM Wellness breathe towards Positive Mental Health and Well-Being. It Embraces & Empowers each individual to own Responsibility for their lives by being aware of their thinking, emotions & behavior


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AGAM Wellness Services


Phobic Anxiety, Panic Attacks,
Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety.

Adolescent Well Being

Handling Mood Swings, Goal Setting & Creating Habits, Life Skills, Managing Social Media.


Adolescents & Youth, Adults,
During Pregnancy & After Delivery, Elderly.

Marital Wellness

Pre-Marital Counseling, Marital Counseling , Separation Mediation with Mutual Respect & Protection to Child.

Parenting Guidance

Art & Science of Parenting, Do's & Dont's during first 10years, Understanding Adolescence.


Emotional Well-Being during Pregnancy, Women Wellness, Wellness in Elderly, Wellness @ Work.

Positive Mental Health

Mental Health is a state of Well-Being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not mer...


What People say about us

Session was useful , interesting & interactive , team as a whole were able to understand new facts on child rearing, Dr was very interactive but time duration can be 3hrs , Thanks Nokia for arranging this kind of session , looking forward for more sessions.

Employees of NOKIA


It was a very useful session. Had a great chance to know how to bond with our kids. We became present to how we put our kids self confidence down with our communication . very practical and sir gave helpful guidance on the daily hassles.



Session was thought provoking. It was not only informative & scientific but also made us implement easy ways as we acknowledged there is more to do with us parents and very minimal with our kids. More sessions would be fruitful.

Arise N Shine


Parenting Workshop was highly interactive . Parents got educated to simple facts which they were not present before. Deep thought has to be given & put to practice for a good environment for our children.

Win or Win Consultation


It was a completely different unique experience on well-being . We employees enjoyed it thoroughly.Certain questions raised by doctor were thought provoking. More sessions would be great.



Consulted Dr.Arunkumar at agam clinic ..He was very empathetic .he spent adequate time during each session of consultation to clearly understand my issues and counselled me very well ..He not only was concerned about the acute problem I had at that time but was also keen on improving my overall personality so that I continue living a stress free life ..overall I am very happy with his treatment.



Dr is very patient and a good listener. Understands issues and explains dos and don’ts very clearly. Also he don’t tag us with mental illness rather he explains Realistically how to change ones lifestyle and to have control and courage on oneself to build our confidence and a positive personality. That’s the one everybody yearns for. Also he gave good counsellings on marriage and suggested books and exercises which was highly beneficial. He’s truly emphatic and kind so it’s easy to gel with him.



There goes a lot of stigma around getting help when we are mentally not feeling well. So I gained enough courage to get help and I met Dr Arunkumar to battles out the depression that I was going through. It’s been 3 weeks now since my first consultation and I feel so much better and I am healing faster than I was expecting it to be.


English Teacher/Chennai

I met doctor with lot of confusions after his direction slowly able to come out.highlight of this doctor is understand the problem and give mild dosage at first.rite now doing a group sessions with him. I will suggest anyone suffering from anxiety and depression related issues to meet Dr Arun and more importantly Prashant front desk is also friendly.

Mrs.Anu Priya

IT Professional/Chennai

Dr. Arun is one of the best psychiatrist available in the city. Because i have experience with other few doctors in the city. Now i recovered a lot. I should thank him for chainging my mind set. As i was very much affected due to stress & depression. He listens our problems with utmost care & kind. Suggest very easy remedy to come out from problems.

Mr.Jinu Prasad



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