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WAKE UP, It's School Time 2 Simple Steps - Children Waking up by themselves

School has begun. Morning rituals has started for us parents.

During parenting workshops, one of the common question posed by parents are how to wake my children up in the morning for school without hassles?

My 12yr old son is not at all waking up. Has to wake him every 5minutes, shout at him, rush through everything, else school van gets missed.So how can we manage?

It's simple if we parents keep it simple.

First, as I always keep saying Communication between us parents should be clear, firm & consistent. Both mother & father be in unison & speak the same language.

Second, discus with your children & inform them from tomorrow they will have an alarm set & they have to get up by themselves. ( if they are not getting up, wake them up once & carry on with your respective work )

No waking them again.

It's a test for us to see how patient we are to give space for our children to learn by themselves.

Be calm & composed without uttering a word whatever time your child takes to wake up & get ready.

If these two steps are followed for minimum next 2weeks by us, what will the child learn from it ?

Learning will happen for them if we allow the space for the learning to take place .

Post your comments & queries after following it. Will be in touch.

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