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Gadget addiction - the biggest challenge of modern parenting .Technological advancement is probably the greatest and the most important thing to have ever happened in modern times. Path-breaking inventions have transformed mankind. Today, our quality of life has elevated. We are now living in the era of speed and convenience. Everyone has access to information. Everyone enjoys the power of connectivity. Everyone can socialize with anyone, in any part of the globe, literally anytime!

But, as in everything else, there is a flip side to it.

Gadgets have become as vital as oxygen. Can you imagine even a few minutes without your mobile phones? Your tablets? Your laptops? It is with our gadgets that we communicate access and share. In the process, our lives are dangerously stuck and confined to the screen. As a consequence, this gadget-addiction drastically reduces human interactions, and sadly replaces love and care.  

Modern parents face a dual challenge: (i) to ensure that their children do not become gadget-addicts and (ii) to ensure that they themselves do not become one!

It is not No Gadgets. It is only Lesser Screen Time.

Using gadgets productively is the smartest thing to do. However, as a responsible parent, you need to be keenly aware of the adverse effects of excessive usage of gadgets - how it could affect your physical, mental and social wellbeing, and also that of your children. When you put the interests of your family above all else, nothing will come in your way.   

Always be aware of how much time you use your gadgets per day, especially in the presence of your children. Try not to carry your office work to home. There are your little ones longing for your love, craving to be spoken to and awaiting to be smiled at. No technology in this world is greater than this emotion, right?

Once your hands are free of gadgets, once you tear yourself off from the screen, you will be able to dedicate all of your time for your children.  And more importantly, you will be setting a wonderful example to your children on how to wisely use gadgets and give due importance to precious values in life.

Make your child realize that life is beyond the screen.

Parenting, in a gadget-ruled world, is tough. You will have to take extra measures to make sure that your children do not become gadget-addicts. Your upbringing techniques will play a key role in this.

First monitor, then mentor.
Gadgets are very addictive by nature. Your child might begin to use a mobile phone for a specific purpose, but it could branch off to other activities. For instance, something as simple as checking out nearby hotels for dinner, could lead to exploring malls, movies, sports, so on and on and on. Your children cannot be blamed. That is the universal effect of gadgets.

When you keep a close eye on your children’s handling of gadgets, you will be able to identify the issues and you can address them effectively. Gently, yet firmly, make them put away their gadgets once the objective is achieved. And make them realize that there are other important things in life like mingling with neighbours, caring for the elders at home, going for a stroll together and many such wonderful activities. Play the role of  a mentor and tell them that only these things create lifelong memories. Not the gadgets they are holding.

Social Media is good. Socializing is even better.
It is important that right from an early age your children should start socializing. No app or technology can match the sheer joy of being with the near and dear ones. There is so much to learn by meeting and interacting with people. This will establish the foundation to build a warm and a confident personality. Here is where you need to be careful about the overpowering influence of Social media on your children. You may allow them to be active on the social media, but you will have to draw the line. After a point, in a polished manner, you need to pull them away from the screen and put them back in the real world of people. Tough, but you have to do it consistently till your children gain the desired level of discipline.

While no one can deny the amazing benefits that modern technology offers us, it is a hard fact that anything beyond limit could end up harmful. It has been scientifically proven that excessive usage of gadgets would lead to physical, mental and social issues in people. Let not gadgets ruin the lives of  your dear little ones. As a parent, give your children a happy future. 

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