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The modern youth need to go beyond gadgets and celebrate life.

You begin the day with a Good Morning, not to your parents or brothers or sisters, but to your many Groups in the social media circles. From that moment, till late into the night, you are hooked to your device. Chatting, texting, browsing, checking … Well, you turn into a gadget-addict. Completely. Hopelessly. And sadly.  

Why sadly?

Because, there is a wonderful world out there and your gadget is stopping you from enjoying it. Because, you are missing all the happiness, peace and love which no gadget can give you. Because, there is a family in your very home, craving for your attention, while you are busy texting to someone who is on the other side of the globe.  

You miss more than what you gain.

Technology is truly a big boon to mankind. It has virtually transformed our life. It has redefined convenience, communication and access to information. A little gadget can put the world in your pocket. Having said that, your gadget can lead you away from some of the most important and the most wonderful things that life has in store for you.

A gadget could turn out to be very addictive, if you are not careful about it. And as a result of this addiction, you could skip your basic responsibilities, ignore you near and dear, and end up leading a mechanical life.

It is always good to prioritize in your life, and when you do it, you will automatically control your usage of gadgets and give due importance to other activities. Interact closely with the people around you. Spend valuable time with elders, and your kith and kin. Visit your friends more often and invite them to your place. This will strengthen your relationship with people and create joyful moments which you will cherish forever. Sending text messages and sharing videos may not be able to give you this incomparable happiness.  

Let not the gadgets hold you!

It is a fact, isn’t it? You physically hold your gadget, but psychologically, it has a dangerous hold on you. The best way to overcome this issue is to be ever-conscious of how and how long you use your gadget. You begin by using it for a specific reason, but slowly you get sort of tempted to explore other things. And without you being aware of it, the seconds turn into minutes, and the minutes into hours.

Avoid such temptations. Get back quickly to the non-gadget side of live that is awaiting you. Be firm to yourself and control the urge to prolong the usage of your gadget. It could be difficult at first, but you need to do it at any cost. After all, you should be the master of your gadget and not the other way around.

Should your life be limited to just 5.5 inches?

Everyone’s life should be built with beautiful moments. There are so many things in life that make these beautiful moments. Life is one vast expanse of happiness. Do you really want to compress it to the size of your gadget screen?    

It is time to unlock yourself from the clutches of your gadget. Start using it smartly and limitedly. Keep it aside once it serves your purpose, and get on with life.

So, if you are driven by gadgets, it is time to apply the brake. Go, enjoy those infinite things waiting to delight you, and celebrate life to the fullest.  

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