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For Parents with Teens

When troubled, their emotions seem new, personal & private.

They feel insulted when we Parents say
I know exactly how you feel. At your age I too felt the same [or] Advising [or] Lecturing

It distresses them to be so simple, when they feel complex & mysterious.

It is a difficult & delicate task for us to sense what teens go through
Sad truth is no matter how wise we are, we cannot be right for any length of time in our teenageā€™s eyes.

As Parents, lets speak less , Listen more without advising or lecturing, Acknowledge their feelings, give space of silence for them to share.


It is OK to feel low.
It is OK to be upset.
It is OK to be frustrated.
It is OK to cry.
It is OK to be dejected.
It is OK to be happy.

First lets learn & imbibe within us that all are varying emotions which is not constant. We are taught & conditioned to suppress our feelings.

Lets un-condition ourselves from that and also teach our next generation that all feelings are ok, make them aware of their feelings and to be fine with it , whatever may be the feeling.

Mindful Parenting.

Dr. Arunkumar. S , Psychiatrist
AGAM ParentSpace