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What Single Parents need to conquer Multiple Challenges.

If one were to list down the most challenging roles on earth, Single Parenting would easily top the list. If you are a single parent, you will know that there cannot be a more demanding, a more selfless and a more sensitive task that drains you emotionally, mentally and physically, all through the day, all through the year!

In that order, let us first consider the emotional aspect of Single Parenting.

You could be a Single Parent for various reasons: a divorcee or a widow / widower or awaiting legal separation or solely due your child’s birth. Whatever be the reason, you get affected most forcibly by the emotional waves of Single Parenting: a certain dreadful mixture of anxiety, insecurity and helplessness that keep dragging you down as you attempt to surmount the challenges. At the same time, your relationship with your child / children keeps getting stronger as you are the only parent and the lone protector of your little ones. You keep sensing changes in the way the society treats you, because, Single Parents are perceived to be a weird species, even in this so-called modern generation.

And then, there is the mental pressure of Single Parenting.

A million things happening, all at the same time and you are all alone out there. Taking care of the little needs for your children, facing bigger issues like their education, preparing yourself as they undergo a vast change during their adolescence, comforting them, encouraging them, supporting them … the list is endless.

And then, there is your own life and your own career to consider. Taking care of your health, handling work pressure, planning for the future … whew! if only your life partner was with you! The psychological stress of a Single Parent is indeed phenomenal.

Last, but not the least, the colossal physical effort demanded from Single Parenting, which could alarmingly drain one’s energy. Owing to the fact that there is no partner to share the burden, a Single Parent has to essentially take on all the responsibilities that need physical presence. The PTA meetings at school, those heavy duty shopping sprees, the unavoidable socializing activities, the early morning walks, besides of course, all those activities that pertain to the parent’s own official duties.

It is encouraging to note that defying societal stigma, Single Parenting could be made remarkably advantageous to the parent. All the pains of raising a child singlehandedly could turn out to be a BLESSING in disguise.

Now consider this. As a Single Parent, you enjoy all the love and admiration that your dear child showers on you. No partner to share with, right? As a Single Parent, you bring up your child based on your values, your beliefs, your lifestyle, etc. No partner to infringe upon your freedom, right? As a Single Parent, you have a single-minded focus based on which you have all the liberty to surge ahead and achieve your mission. No partner to curb you, right?

As a Single Parent, when you approach your responsibilities from these fresh perspectives, you actually begin to redefine your life. And your child’s life. While you travel with a refreshing outlook on your journey as a Single Parent, you also have to constantly bear in mind that to emerge successful, you need to focus significantly, keep persevering in your mission and have conviction in the unique role you are playing.

These three traits in you will not only make you a successful Single Parent, but also serve as an inspiration for others like you.

After all, Single Parenthood comes with multiple challenges. You evolve and grow along with your child by dealing those challenges.

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