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3 Simple Ways To Handle Parental Anger

1.      TIME-OUT for our Well-Being

Be aware of your anger, use that as a source of indication to care for yourself. Be still for 5minutes doing NOTHING. Next 10minutes, inhale & exhale deeply, keeping your FOCUS on your BREATH.[ P.S. : We all know this . Knowing is not doing. Doing is Knowing.Out of 1440minutes per day, try this out for yourself 15minutes per day. PATIENCE is developed over time. We as parents should be calm & composed as our well-being reflects in our children well-being. ]

2. Start letting go of mentality / FIXED MINDSET that Every Single Thing Must Be Addressed  with our Children. Let’s give space for them to learn from their mistakes or failures. They will surely learn .

3.Express your anger starting with I statements without attacking children character/personality with you statements. [ I am upset , I am annoyed , I am irritated --- these mere statements of our feelings without explanation stops our children from misbehaving . If you observe, we usually shout at them damaging their character expecting change to happen. But if you start using I statements, you are expressing your feelings, you are not pointing anything at the child , child will start behaving well. ] I request all the parents to try consistently for 2weeks-4weeks and test ourselves whether we are consistent. Without expecting outcome, enjoy the process and we can see our well-being enhances and tiffs though present, the way we expressed would have altered and children will be puzzled & bedazzled by our behavior.

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